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Boost Brand Awareness with CardClan: 3 Actionable Steps to Get Your Brand Noticed

Ever notice how sometimes people hesitate to deviate from specific products? If they can’t get their hands on a Kleenex, tissues should be fine. But that’s not the case. The brand awareness of popular products like Kleenex is so strong, switching to another product is not an option.

Investing in brand awareness can catapult a business from merely being the product supplier to becoming an immovable part of people’s lives.

What is Brand Awareness?

Your business’ brand awareness represents how well consumers know about what you have to offer. Are they familiar with your products and services? Can they recognize your logo even if they aren’t exclusive customers?

In essence, increasing brand awareness means increasing your brand’s popularity.

How to Increase Brand Awareness in 3 Easy Steps

Unlike some other substantial performance metrics such as ROI and lead-to-customer ratio, brand awareness isn’t directly measurable. You can track it by monitoring your social media and lead conversions. But there is no set formula.

Regardless it is a vital characteristic for any flourishing business. Therefore, we’ve put together three easy steps that can take your brand awareness through the roof in no time.

Interact with Your Customers

The very first step in increasing brand awareness is directly interacting with your target audience. So, you can optimize your website with patent content to attract leads and use social media to create a fun online presence that people will gravitate towards.

Email marketing is another useful method of establishing a unique and personal line of communication with potential customers. You can market yourself as a business that puts customer engagement at the very front using digital greeting cards, celebrating special events and holidays.

Tell a story

Once you’ve optimized your site and social media, and gotten a few initial greeting cards in, you can move on to engage your audience by constructing a story to share.

There’s only so far you can go with superficial one-liner sales pitches and clever CTA’s. We are hardwired to remember things we forge emotional connections with. In fact, studies show that 55% of customers are likely to stick to a brand if they like the brand’s story.

Case in point, you have to figure out a memorable story that people will likely connect to. It could be about your brand’s journey, a tale of rags to riches, or the story behind the business and what led you to take the final leap of faith to start it.

Sponsor events

With a well-constructed, memorable tale in place, you’ve given people something substantial to connect to. If your story has had the desired effect, then not only will your audience feel a deep connection with you. They will also be tuned in to hear what other news you have.

Don’t disappoint eager customers. Give them something to look forward to by partnering up with other brands and sponsoring events. Not only will it be something your consumers can enjoy, but it will add to your story as you share it with everyone to see.

An elaborate digital card or poster conveying this kind of news will excite people and make them curious to find out more. The chatter will increase brand awareness. 

Summing it Up

If you want your product or service to become a household name and enjoy success akin to the likes of Apple, Kleenex, and Coca-Cola, then you’d better get started on increasing brand awareness today.

Use the three steps mentioned above to get a solid start, and once you get the ball rolling, you can introduce other creative solutions in your strategy.

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