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How to Use Digital Greeting Cards to Build Customer Loyalty

The 21st century has all but redefined how companies perceive their customers. Where once, in the 1980s, customers were nothing more than walking dollar bills, customer loyalty is now the major goal of a booming business. A cost-effective and malleable vessel to achieve this goal is using digital greeting cards.

Dubbed relationship marketing, this strategy concerns a particular business’s target audience. It is a vital area that calls for individuality and creativity to capture a person’s attention and earn their loyalty.

There are many ways to use a card to send a meaningful message that can enrapture valuable customers. Here are five ways to help you get started.

Thank You Cards

Attempt to connect with first-time customers as they try out your service. A thank-you card that shows your appreciation to clients will show customers that you genuinely care enough to acknowledge the business they bring.

If you want to go the extra mile, slipping in a special one-time-use discount code as a welcoming present will ensure at least one revisit to your business and increase chances of customer loyalty..

Advance Sales Notice

Devise an eye-catching and colorful card to announce your next big sale. A digital card with glamorous fonts and bold colors will do more to create a sense of excitement that a simple email cannot achieve.

Consequently, promising your customers something spectacular through a creative card will entice them. They won’t be able to resist dropping by to explore the sale.

Cards for Special Occasions

The only reason such a strategy as relationship marketing came to be was due to customers feeling dehumanized by companies. They much preferred connecting with brands before buying products or services.

Of course, there is this idea of letting the product speak for itself. Unfortunately, denying engagement with consumers is sure to leave you without any sales altogether. Allow your customers to get a peek at the people behind the business by sharing special events and holidays with them.

For instance, send out a ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ card to show your customers you’re not all business.

Celebrate Your Achievements

While we are on the subject of sharing special events, you might even consider sharing your achievements with your customers. Take them on a journey with you as you rise to success.

Consider this, a ’10th-anniversary’ card with a note on the company’s history, the triumphs, and falls, and a nod to all the important partners that helped you along the way ending in a special thanks for the customer’s continued loyalty and support.

Not only will this make your audience feel as though they are an important part of your journey, but they will also feel that you are a humble business that is trying its hardest. It’s sure to win customer loyalty for years to come.

Reward eGift Cards

Spruce up your traditional gift cards by switching to a digital variant. Many companies have resorted to emailing eGift cards as they are a more cost-effective and sustainable option.

You can create an attractive and personalized digital card at a much lower cost than printing a large number of physical cards. Chances are they will end up collecting dust on shelves or sitting in trash cans.


There are many ways to bridge the gap between a business and its target audience. You can share all sorts of information and communicate in a more vibrant way using digital cards. Personalize your card down to the very borders and send it out all at once at a moment’s notice to engage with your customers.

Give it a shot and see how digital greeting cards improve your relationship with your customers. Good luck!


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