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CardClan’s Exclusive Pricing Plans to Fit your Need

CardClan allows you to create a personalized digital card with quirky and meaningful messages from your whole clan. Of course, the goal isn’t just to make a card but to get it out there to the people that matter the most.

So, CardClan has a rich policy in terms of its various pricing packs to fit your requirements.

The Starter Plan

Start small and simple with a single card that an unlimited number of people can sign off on. The card will be sent to 10 unique recipients, and you can also arrange to have it sent out ahead of time.

CardClans starter plan

The Happy Greeter

For the more eager greeters that want to cover various events and seasons, we provide a pack of 10 cards that you can send to a hundred unique recipients. The perfect fit for a small company, have all your colleagues sign the card before scheduling to send it out.

The Crazy Card Guy

Presenting the go-to option for the biggest businesses around. Create fifty cards and schedule to send them to five-hundred recipients.

CardClans price plan for large companies.

Using CardClan’s exclusive services, you can create a never-before-seen card that strikes a chord with your customers, business partners, and employees. Make it count and get unlimited access to all our templates and tools to make the best digital card for the people who matter most.


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