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Craft Collective Greetings for your Customers and Employees Using a Single Card

No time like the present to show your colleagues and customers that you are a genuine well-wisher in their life. And since it’s the 21st century, the age of living boldly and fabulously, what better way to gain customer engagement than with a custom card.

This step-by-step guide will help you create your very own custom card with messages from your whole clan to send out to the important people around you.

Step 1: Create your First Card

Sign in to your CardClan account using the relevant email address and password. Then, click on the Create First Card button to start designing your first wonderful card.

Upon clicking the button, you’ll be taken to the next screen, where you can create, design, and customize your card.

Digital Card Design - Step 1

Choose the Cover Design

Here, you’ll have the option to either:

  1. Design your card’s cover on Canva. (Learn how to design your card’s cover on Canva)
  2. Upload any image file saved in your system (image size should be A5, 419×595 pixels).
  3. Choose from the ready-made design templates.

If you go with the third option, we have a colorful bliss for you.

Our designers have created card templates for different occasions, including Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and more.

Choose a template category by expanding the menu at the top-right corner.

Card Design Step 2

Pick your favorite cover among the pool of vibrant and eye-catching designs.

Customize Your Card

Click on your favorite card and get your whole clan to add their messages on it. To collect everyone’s message on your card, you have to add a new page for everyone to add their messages.

Click on the + sign right below your card to add a new page to your card.

card design step 3

Each member can add text using different fonts from the font library and style their text using various options.

text styling in CardClan

You can also add images to personalize your message. For that, click on the select image option at the top. Here, three options will appear:

  1. Upload Image – choose this option if you have any image files saved in your system that you want to add to the digital card.
  2. Select from collection – click on this option to choose an image from the popular image sources, including Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. You can also search for a relevant image and add your selected image to the card by clicking on it.
    CardClan image collection
    Search for a relevant image here and select a source. We’ve selected Pixabay, and you can choose any source and search for an image. The search results will appear in the grid of 5, 10, and 15 images.pixabay image search in CardClanAdd your chosen image to the card by clicking on the Select Button.
  3. canva integrationYou can adjust your image and your text the way you like.

    collective team messages on card
  4. Design on Canva – design a custom image on Canva by clicking on this option. A new window will open where you can sign in to your Canva account and pick any image from there.

    Canva Integration with CardClanClick on Publish to include the selected image on the card and write your message with it.

pubished from canva

It doesn’t matter what size your team is. Because, with CardClan, you can include all the team members to sign a card and send it to colleagues, customers, and business partners on special occasions. Simply send the URL link to your whole clan and ask them to add their messages to it (more on that in step 3).

You can also send love to your friends and family on special occasions by designing a custom card and get your whole family to sign the card.

If you’re busy with your official tasks, you can work on your card later. Everything you do will be saved right there in your account.

Step 2: Share or Download your Card

Once you’re done customizing and personalizing your card, you can share it right away using the Share button. Or, you can download it and save it as a PDF file (the download button is right next to the Share button). That way, you can easily print and post your collaborative greeting card to your colleague.

Share digital card with your friends

If you choose to share it right away, you’ll be taken to the next screen, where you can schedule a special delivery for your loved ones.

schedule your card's auto delivery

Fill in the following information:

  1. Enter the recipient’s name in the first text box.
  2. Write their correct email address in the second text field.
  3. Write your clan’s relationship with the recipient.
  4. Choose the date for auto-delivery.

You can also choose the recurring option by checking the option Remind me next year. This way, a reminder will prompt your clan to design and send a digital card to your loved one by the same time next year.

recurring card delivery

Once you’re done, click on Schedule card delivery to schedule an auto-delivery. Your digital card will land in your loved one’s email inbox on your selected date.

Step 3: Share your Card with your Clan

As mentioned earlier, you can collaborate with your whole clan with a single link.

Once you’re done scheduling the card for the recipient, you will get a sharable link.

CardClan sharable link

You can copy this link and share it via any third-party platform. Or, you can share directly through CardClan via the following options:

  1. Facebook – You can share your digital card on your timeline as a post or as a story. In addition to it, you can share the link in groups, pages, messenger, or on a friend’s timeline. 
  2. Twitter – Share the card’s link on your Twitter profile.
  3. WhatsApp – Send direct messages on WhatsApp to your friends or groups.
  4. Email – You can add as many email addresses as you want to email your clan the card’s link. Type in the email address, click on the + sign, and add the email addresses. Finally, click on the Email Link button to send an email to your clan.

Share digital card via email

There you go, you just created your first digital card.

With CardClan, you can collectively send a digital card to your loved ones. It could be your customers, colleagues, employees, business partners, or anyone. Spread love to your fellows and connect with them on a deeper level.

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