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3 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships with CardClan

For a business to thrive in a competitive digital era, it is vital to focus on its customer relationships.

Nowadays, every business employs various content marketing techniques to engage with their current customers and attract a new audience. In such a situation, when everyone is struggling to achieve the same thing, what can you do to stand out?

Although businesses are evolving to improve their customer experiences, their end-goal is to achieve new clients every day.

Expanding your customer base is an ultimate necessity. However, it’s also important to engage with your current customers and build a relationship of trust with them. According to a study by Rare Consulting, 83% of customers state that their brand loyalty stems from trust. When your customers are loyal to you, they’re more likely to retain and recommend your brand to their friends and family.

That’s your cue and this is how you can stand out – by strengthening customer relationships. Gartner Group found that 80% of a brand’s future profits are derived from 20% of its retained customers.

With that said, let’s hop on to see how CardClan helps you retain customers by building long-lasting customer relationships.

Establish a Unique Brand Identity with CardClan

CardClan is a platform that promotes human connection and community engagement. It is a perfect tool to be creative about client-business relationships. With CardClan, you can connect with your customers when it matters the most to them and step up your customer services.

importance of CX
Source: SuperOffice

Most businesses think that responding to customers or launching features upon features is enough to retain them. But the truth is, your customers care about their experience even more than the services you provide. A survey by Walker says, 86% of the buyers pay more value to customer experience than the price and the product of a business.

According to Esteban Kolsky, the CEO of thinkJar, 91% of unhappy and dissatisfied customers leave without complaining and never come back.

We believe that building a relationship of trust can reduce customer churn. But it takes time, consistency, and a lot of effort to gain respect among customers.

Considering that, we devised a platform that can help you be consistent, creative, and natural in your communication with customers.

CardClan helps businesses construct strong relationships with customers to magnify their revenues (ROI), sales, and customer retention rates.

How Does CardClan help Businesses in Building Long-Lasting Customer Relationships?

We help businesses strengthen their customer relationship strategies. We allow them to take a step further at engaging their customers. Remember, an engaged customer is a loyal customer. And customer loyalty is achieved in the following ways.

1.     Customization and Personalization

According to a survey conducted by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are inclined to purchase a brand that provides a personalized experience.

With CardClan, you can personalize a relationship with your target audience on a whole new level.

Businesses can create digital cards on CardClan and collectively share them with their customers. When a card signed by your whole team will pop up in your customers’ inbox, they’ll definitely remember your brand. They’ll make more purchases from you and become your brand’s loyal customers.

Send digital cards to your customers on special occasions to build deeper, more impactful connections with them.

2.     Focus Less on sales-oriented Gimmicks

Educating your customers about your product via sales-oriented content is necessary. However, it’s not enough if you want to stand out from your competitors. To gain customer loyalty, you have to go the extra mile and be there for them when they least expect you.

That way, they’ll start relying on you, get closer to your brand, and value you for nurturing a personalized and positive relationship. And it’s a proven fact that constructing positive customer relationships boosts a business’s growth and success.

Using a digital greeting card, you can reach consumers with new announcements and include them in your celebrations even if they are not visiting your retail stores. This will also help you solidify your position as a caring and empathetic brand that isn’t only thinking about the next big sale.

With CardClan, you can surprise your customers with a collaborative greeting card from your whole team and make their special events even more special.

3.     Empathize with a Wider Audience at the Right Time

The effectiveness of your brand strategies depends on how well you engage with an audience in a different region, with different cultures and beliefs.

With CardClan, you can connect with a wider audience on different occasions and celebrate their events to make them feel special. Once you’ve broken the ice with a different audience, it will be easier for you to empathize with them, understand their pain-points, and know their priorities.

That way, you can accept their viewpoint and collaborate with them when they need you the most. Furthermore, you can make your audience feel heard, acknowledged, and special to gain their respect and trust.

Wrapping it Up

In a world where keeping relationships alive isn’t easy, CardClan is a remarkable tool to redefine human connections and solidify relationships with your loved ones.

Your customers are your business’s top priority. It’s an ultimate requirement of every brand to construct everlasting relationships with its customers.

With CardClan, you can focus on what’s necessary and be efficient in your customer relationship management. Win your customers through empathy and personalization and build your brand on a foundation of exceptional customer experience and powerful relationships.

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