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Digital Farewell Cards: A Comparison of Kudoboard and CardClan

Bidding farewell to a colleague is a meaningful event. It signifies the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. In this digital era, online platforms like Kudoboard and CardClan are making it easier to send heartfelt farewell messages.

Let’s delve into the features of both platforms and understand how they can help you send memorable farewell cards.

Kudoboard: A Way to Say Goodbye

Kudoboard offers a unique feature of creating a farewell card. This platform allows you to create a digital board where you, along with your team, can post messages, images, and even videos to bid goodbye to a departing colleague. This board then becomes a keepsake for the colleague who is leaving, giving them a virtual memento filled with warm wishes and memories.

How to create a Farewell Kudoboard?

Here is a step-by-step process to create a farewell card with Kudoboard.

Step 1: Log in to Kudoboard: Access your Kudoboard account or create one if necessary.

Step 2:Start a New Board: Click on “Create a Kudoboard” on your dashboard.

Step 3:Choose ‘Farewell’: From the dropdown menu of occasions, select “Farewell”.

Step 4:Enter Recipient’s Details: Add personal information about the departing colleague.

Create a kudoboard imageStep 5: Select Board Type: Choose between a single-post board or a multi-post board.

Step 6: Compose Your Message: On the board, add your farewell messages, photos, or videos. Invite others if it’s a multi-post board.

Farewell Kudoboard image

Step 7: Ready to send: Now you are ready to send the card.

CardClan: A Simplified Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to Kudoboard, consider CardClan. CardClan provides a simple and intuitive platform for creating and sending digital cards, including farewell cards. Here’s how CardClan can add a unique touch to your farewell wishes:

  1. Personalized Card Creation: With CardClan’s built-in editor, you can design a card that reflects your sentiment and the personality of the departing colleague.
  2. Group Signing: CardClan allows multiple people to sign a card, which means your entire team can contribute their messages to the farewell card.
  3. Scheduling and Automation: You can schedule the card to be sent at a specific time, ensuring your colleague receives your wishes exactly when you want them to.
  4. Easy Sharing: The farewell card can be shared with the outgoing colleague via email or a unique link, making it easy for them to access and cherish their farewell messages.

How to Create a Farewell card with CardClan?

Step 1: Access CardClan Log in to your CardClan account.

Step 2: Start a New Card Click on “Create Card” and select a “Farewell” card cover.

CardClan dashboard image

Step 3: Personalize Your Card Customize the card design and content.

Card Editor image

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Details Add the contact details of the farewell card recipient.

Recipient details image

Step 5: Add Email Details Write a subject line and pre-header text for the card email.

Personalize card image

Step 6: Send or Schedule Choose to send the card immediately or schedule it for a later date.


While Kudoboard offers a creative approach to bidding farewell to colleagues, CardClan provides a more streamlined process. With its focus on simplicity and inclusivity, CardClan can be a great alternative for those who prefer a more straightforward approach to creating and sending farewell cards.

Start your Free Trial with CardClan here.

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