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How to Promote an Eco-friendly Office Culture with CardClan

In 2018, 421.88 million metric tons of paper were consumed globally. And paper consumption is roughly equal to paper production. Another report tells us that only 46 million tons of paper were recycled that year. Meaning, approximately 375 million tons of paper went to waste in 2018. Such a situation has aggravated an alarming threat to our eco-system. To save our planet, we need a drastic transition to an eco-friendly environment.

In this article, we’ll explain how shifting to an eco-friendly alternative of paper is a better option for society in the long-run.

Traditional Record-Keeping Needs to Go

According to an estimate, work environments consume 45% of the paper, which ends up in landfill trash every day. Only a small percentage of this paper is recycled and recovered, and the rest is destroyed forever. Unfortunately, this leads to a serious threat to our environment in the form of less greenery, more pollution, and global warming.

Therefore, it’s essential to promote an eco-friendly culture in offices and big corporations.

On average, a typical employee spends 30-40% of their time looking for information kept in files and cabinet drawers. This would have been time put to good use a few years ago. However, in this digital era, maintaining information on paper means a waste of time, money, and of course, paper.

Why is it Necessary to Go Paper Free?

By going paper-free, we can achieve the following things.

  • Less hassle caused by lost or misplaced documents.
  • Easy collaboration and communication via email and other communication mediums.
  • Spend our valuable time in productive work.
  • Easy record keeping.
  • Accessibility from everywhere.
  • Gain efficiency in our work and collaboration.

Above all, digitizing your systems and going paperless is an economical and effective long-term plan.

How CardClan Promotes an Eco-friendly Office Culture

Think of all the paper and time going to waste designing a birthday card on paper. Then, you have to pass it on to every team member for individual messages. And, no matter how tidy everyone is, they could still smudge up your card. Or, if the card sits on a desk protected, dust stains could make a home there.

To avoid all that, we offer a digital solution that’s eco-friendly and hassle-free.

CardClan allows you to design an online card in under a minute and send it to your loved ones. You can simply share your digital card with your colleagues and let everyone add their messages to the card.

The best thing is, it doesn’t matter if you have a small team or a large team. Everyone will have enough space to add their greetings to a single card.

How is CardClan a Better Option?

CardClan is a perfect tool for creating collaborative greeting cards for any event. Be it a holiday, office anniversary, event shoutouts, or a colleague’s birthday. We have a template for every occasion that you can customize and personalize in your own way.

You can connect with your office mates, employees, and business partners and celebrate special occasions together. Whether they’re in the office, at home, or in a different part of the world; CardClan will minimize all distances and differences. Furthermore, you can also connect with your teammate who’s following a quarantine at home and let them know they are in your thoughts.

With a single-click share option, you can share a card with all your team members without worrying about their location. Also, you can schedule it for your recipient without worrying about mail delays. They will receive your card whenever you schedule it.

Furthermore, with CardClan, it’s easier to prepare ahead of time. You can schedule your cards for recurring events like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Therefore, even if you forget to make a wish, we will remind you ahead of time.

With CardClan, you can improve your team communication and develop a healthy work environment. By celebrating happiness and sharing sadness, you can win everyone’s heart and support your team from anywhere.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that our environment today is going through a rough patch. Unless we take some kind of immediate action, the climate and global warming will only worsen. During times like these, with an issue as dire as climate change, we have to ask ourselves, ‘what can I do to help?’

With CardClan, going green is easy. Single-handedly cut down paper wastage by creating digital cards and continue to wow your loved ones with deeply moving greeting cards.

Join us to simplify your inter-team communication, collaboration, and polish up your client communication.



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