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Top 10 Employee Recognition Ideas in 2021

Increased workplace productivity goes hand in hand with employee recognition. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a natural human reaction to be keener, charged, and enthusiastic in an uplifting environment with regular appreciation.

Is Employee Recognition Really So Important?

In a word, yes! Consider the following numbers. 79% of employees quit their jobs due to feeling underappreciated by their employers. In fact, 60% of employees say that recognizing all their hard work is a more significant motivator than money.

It just goes to show how crucial employee recognition and appreciation are. On that note, without further ado, let’s go over some of our favorite ways of celebrating hard-working employees.

1.      Public Appreciation

Take a moment to pat an employee on the back for doing a great job. Maybe they sealed an important deal or worked overtime to get a report done. Either way, for them to hear that their extra efforts are being recognized in front of the whole office will boost their spirits, thus improving overall productivity.

2.      Company Lunches

A lunch or dinner party is a great way to show your employees how crucial they are to the company. Not only will you reward all your employees for a job well done with a fantastic treat, but you will also forge stronger bonds that will ultimately lead to better performance.

3.      Training Programs

Mentorships and training programs show employees that you care about their personal growth and don’t want to stifle their creativity. In fact, getting them into a program sends the message, ‘we recognize how capable you are, and we want to help you improve.’

4.      Ask for Their Opinions

You can make employees feel like important team players by including them in the decision-making process now and again. For instance, ask for their opinion when onboarding new technology or regarding internship programs. This will show them how you take an interest in any idea they may have.

5.      Celebrate Birthdays

This is an excellent way of giving special attention to every employee in your company. Show them that you care about their special day with a small celebration. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple card, perhaps signed by the rest of your clan with special messages, for instance, can do a lot to make someone feel significant and appreciated.

6.      Celebrate Special Events

Any cultural event that isn’t a national holiday can still be celebrated with rigor and excitement to boost team spirits. Celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day, valentine’s day, and even Groundhog Day with your entire team with a simple greeting card. A personal digital card sent to every employee can start their day off their day right with a little extra love.

7.      Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the 5th of March and is the perfect opportunity for you to show your employees exactly how important they are to your brand. Since it is a whole day dedicated to them, consider doing something a little more extravagant. Office parties and fancy lunches are on the table for this very special event.

8.      Office Award Ceremony

There’s always one in every office; an employee who’s always never late, always meets deadlines, and often works overtime. For such employees, you could put together an ‘employee of the month plaque. Additionally, announcing it publicly and complimenting their strive will only motivate them to continue working hard and encourage healthy competition.

9.      Gift Cards and Care Packages

Everyone loves a gift card, especially one from their favorite brand. It’s an excellent gift for almost any event, be it an employee’s birthday or a national holiday. You could also take a step further by procuring a care package. Baskets with snacks, healthcare or skincare products, or just company SWAG are all popular options.

10.  Give Them Some Time Off

Notice that your team has had a tough week dealing with a tricky client? Reward them with a day off. This will show your employees that you’re not stone-cold and care about their health and well-being.


Learn more about how to create a culture of recognition in the workplace?


These were just some of our favorite ways of showing employees some well-deserved appreciation. Bear in mind you don’t have to check every single idea on this list. However, integrating a few of these employee recognition ideas will do a lot to boost productivity and uplift the entire company, consequently reducing employee turnover.


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