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GIFs, Clickable CTA’s and many more exciting new updates in CardClan πŸŽ‰

After having support from hundreds of users about the power that CardClan holds for any business, the team is excited now more than ever to take this platform to the height of success. In order to make your sending experience amazing, we have improved the editor so you can create some really cool looking cards.

Link to a really cool Card:

These are some of the exciting features that we just added:

βœ… Clickable CTAs in cards. Now you can add links to your landing pages or lead collection forms inside the card pages πŸš€πŸš€
βœ…Β  Now you can add GIFs to cards.
βœ…Β Smart crop to make the background of your card pages look amazing.
βœ…Β Added an option to upload custom cover designs
βœ…Β A better mobile experience for recipients. Now they can view cards by swiping through pages.
βœ… Now you also have the option to resend cards that failed to deliver.

Check out this video on the latest updates:

Also what is on the horizon now for CardClan:

  • The team has been working to make your life easier by adding a feature to bulk import your contacts via a CSV of any format and then send them a personalised card with their details using merge tags in under 5 minutes. What’s not to love in this…Dropping live on 10th March 2022, don’t miss it (Exciting surprise for early adopters)
  • Also, we have some automations coming up imagine all your webinars attended to receive a custom thank you card with messages from all of your team members OR any new person that buys a product from your store gets a coupon code for the next purchase in a cool looking personalised card.

If you haven’t signed up yet don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the limited time CardClan deal.

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