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How the praise wall can help boost employee morale?

Imagine making a debut in a blockbuster Hollywood film. You are now the most sought-after celebrity. After a few more super hits you would expect to see your name on the Hollywood walk of fame or some other praise wall, right?

Now bring this idea into the office environment where you are an employee who has been giving outstanding performance through and through. So, don’t you think you deserve to be on some wall of fame too?

In this blog, we shall learn about the praise wall, a unique yet effective idea of employee recognition. So, pull up your socks because we are ready to dive in!

What should employees be recognized for?

The employees should be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the company. They are the backbone of the company and without them, it would not be able to function.

They work hard to produce high-quality products and services and are dedicated to their jobs. In return, the company should recognize their efforts and provide them with resources and support.

Although you should recognize what your staff does, it would not make sense to give your company kudos that are unauthentic or formulaic.

Instead, be sure you recognize both large and small achievements using formal and informal methods. It is aimed at promoting employees’ achievement.

How to make employee recognition efforts?

Employee recognition programs have proven to be effective ways of increasing engagement in the workforce and reducing attrition and employee turnover.

You should create innovative, timely, and specific programs with a good combination of individual and team rewards to ensure employee retention. This helps you appear genuine when addressing employees.

As an HR manager, you are always looking for ways to improve employee morale and motivation.

A “praise wall” is a type of employee recognition that is simple to implement and can have a big impact on your team.

What is a wall of praise?

A praise wall is simply a designated area where employees can post positive comments about their coworkers.

This could be in the form of a bulletin board or a whiteboard in the break room. The important thing is that it is easily accessible and visible to all employees.

The praise wall shows the achievements of the employees by rotating negative comments with improvements they have made. It is easy to add personalization to your Praise Wall by highlighting company values.


wall of praise ideas

Employee recognition ideas; Create an employee praise wall

The leadership team must find a spot in the workplace where all fellow employees can view it clearly. Add notes and photos. Preferably add photos since this helps to create images that words can’t.

A praise wall is a fun way for a team to showcase its achievements and it is a unique way to present culture to everyone. Put up updates on the successes of your employees in the office.

Employees can be encouraged to share notes to thank featured employees with their images. It can also be used to celebrate employee birthdays, employee insights, and employee behavior, just to multiply company swag.

How do I create an online Wall of Fame?

A fame wall is one of the best ideas and can be extended to social media handles as well as a part of a peer recognition program. This is especially a good approach to public recognition to make employees feel valued.

This can be done by choosing a good employee recognition template that can be updated and uploaded regularly where each employee is appreciated for their input to the company. Digital cards can also be personalized and published on the company website to appreciate them publicly.

Use of the Appreciation wall to recognize employees

You can use an appreciation wall to motivate employees in many ways. For example, you could post comments from customers or clients who were impressed with your team’s work. You could also post positive comments from employees about their coworkers and other employees.

You could also use the employee wall to recognize employees for meeting goals or going above and beyond their job duties. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are consistent with recognizing your team so that the employees feel appreciated.

Some additional ideas could be:

Celebrate employee recognition day

National Employee Appreciations Day is celebrated every January. It is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate your employees’ value to have a positive impact on company culture.

When organizing employee encouragement days at work it might be worthwhile to recognize employee achievements this year even for the remote employees.

You can also extend the festival so that it can last the entire weekend by a booking private lunch, teambuilding, contests, surprise treat, and health-related activities.

Think about one for every day – chair massages, souvenirs for an employee’s desk, an embroidered hat for decades, showcasing the best dressed, dedicated parking space, Game Day, or big cake in the breakroom. You might hire a food truck for the day.

Say it with a sticky note

Hand-written recognition and notes are incredibly important and can have an impact on people’s lives. Send them a handwritten note that says you want them to know you are grateful.

Stick it on the wall so your employees arrive the next morning with an unexpected surprise. You can also start by offering social media shout outs, and by posting an appreciation post for an employee’s accomplishments.

You want your message to express appreciation to your employee in a timely manner. Recognizing employee actions helps to promote repeat behavior as well as the building of an effective culture in your organization.

Announcement of Awards

Please remember that recognition does not always come from above. Peer-to-peer-based recognition is better to improve the employee recognition program.

Recognition of employee involvement enhances employee loyalty and increases worker confidence. You need a proper recognition system in place that you can use every time you recognize a colleague. Therefore, a praise wall could be used to publicly recognize and reward employees.

For polls, elections, and more

For more meaningful recognition, the management could arrange polls or elections where the colleagues vote on who deserves the recognition awards.

This way candidate gets the best chance of getting selected. Draw a couple of names in a team meeting and announce the winners through the fame wall.

Such employee appreciation ideas can be used in recognizing employees on social media as well.

When employees feel recognized they get a sense of pride. This helps build your employer image and puts your culture on display. Such employee recognition examples are the most favorite employee recognition programs.

Encourage employees to recognize daily wins

If an individual landed a massive account and pushes an important feature on-demand, ask him to post this information at a meeting or some other recognition platform such as fame wall.

Let’s make sure the others are also aware of this. Gratitude can be very useful in teamwork too Send win announcements to internal Slack channels, Newsletters, or fame wall.

Employees can show their accomplishments, such as better customer service records, outstanding service, and long-term employees, to their colleagues through this program.

wall of praise graphics


Some of the great employee recognition ideas include a fame wall, professional development opportunities, the introduction of a formal mentoring program, an employee appreciation day, or social recognition of staff members.

Such employee rewards support organizational values and amplify good employee experience. Therefore, create opportunities where employees choose experiential rewards. Many recognition efforts include giving the employee names who deserve recognition.

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