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How to Boost Customer Engagement in 2021

Last year has taught us that life is unpredictable, and adaptability is the key to live when times get uncertain. Business owners face a massive challenge during the ongoing situation to keep their businesses operational and boost their consumer engagement.

Fortunately, we have come up with a solution to help you nurture your relationship not only with your customers but with your employees and business stakeholders as well.

But before anything else, let’s see how businesses and people are surviving the current economic shockwaves.

The Aftermath of COVID-19 on Businesses and Employers

As an antidote to COVID-19’s eruption, many countries chose to implement lockdown and shut down businesses and workplaces. As a result, in-person engagement was reduced to an unusual extent, leaving a massive impact on SMBs. Retail footfall crumbled down to a bare minimum as shoppers were bound to stay in their homes.

According to the Accountancy giant EY survey, 67% of customers are not comfortable shopping at any stores five kilometers away from their homes.

The disruption in retail shopping and a continuous economic downfall led businesses to reconfigure their business objectives and reroute toward digital technologies to redeem their losses. Until mid-year last year, the only way to build a brand impression was via the internet. Revenue generation was limited to online stores and shops. Even Google launched some features that helped businesses improve their online presence.

On the flip side, employers also had to tweak their work policies and implement ‘work from home’ for their employees. Many companies adopted digital tools and technologies to sustain engagement among team members, team coordination, and improve overall productivity. But that stirred digital fatigue and became a demotivating factor among remote workers. 82% of the employees working from home report feeling burned out and fatigued.

How to Counteract Post-COVID-19 Challenges in 2021

We live in a competitive world where revenue generation and customer satisfaction don’t solely depend on a company’s services or a product’s features. Your customers, employees, and colleagues crave connection. Right now, the three attributes that count the most are creativity, agility, and connection.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve brought forward an outright solution for companies who are looking forward to building long-lasting relationships with their consumers, and employers who are eager to motivate their employees.

Start designing now

Create your first very own personalized card full of messages from the whole clan.

CardClan: A Consumer Engagement Platform

CardClan is a community engagement platform, built on the foundation of creativity, agility, and connection.

In times where standard SDRs are not enough, in-person reinstatement is uncertain, and the connection is difficult, we bring forward a community tool that allows you to:

  • Be creative – “Standard SDR (phone, email, LinkedIn) and digital marketing investments alone can’t drive exponential growth unless your company is ‘right place, right time,’” says Ray Carol, VP of sales at SkillJar. It’s time to think out-of-the-box and blend in some empathy, intuition, and imagination in your marketing strategies.
  • Be agile – observe the fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and adapt diverse strategies to engage buyers and consumers.
  • Connect with everybody – your customers/employees crave personalized experience, give them that.

Simply put, companies that want to thrive in 2021 need to be creative in nurturing human connections with their consumers.

 “We’ve been disconnected from human-to-human interaction in 2020, and depersonalized automation has been building that disconnection for years. Businesses that flourish in 2021 will be the ones focusing on using their systems, automation, and processes to personalize and foster a human connection. Customers are craving deep personalization now more than ever, and those businesses that find a way to connect deeper with their audiences are going to be the ones that win.” – Kenda Macdonald of Automation Ninjas.

Reach your Business Goals with CardClan

With CardClan, businesses can personalize interaction with their customers. Email newsletters, a high-engagement rate on social media channels, and producing content in the form of blogs, videos, e-books, etc., are still a great way to make your customers feel connected.

But your customers require a lot more from you. They want to feel heard, acknowledged, and you to empathize with them. With CardClan, you can engage with your customers on a personal level by sending them digital cards on special events and making events more special for them.

Remember, an engaged customer, later on, becomes a loyal customer. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your customer communication alive and exuberant.

Using our platform, you can create a card for an occasion and get your whole crew to sign that card and add their personal message to it. No matter how big or small your team is, your card will always have enough space for every team member. 

With CardClan, you can create an unbreakable virtual connection with your customers even when they’re not visiting your retail/physical stores.

Sending customized cards is an effective way to build a deeper connection with your clients and convert them into your brand evangelists. Other than that, it’s highly likely to win new customers by providing a positive experience to your current customers because word-of-mouth marketing still exists. 

Furthermore, sending personalized cards to your customers can help you earn a relationship of trust and confidence with your customers. Once you do that, you’re on a high road to achieving all your business goals, be it higher conversion rates, return on investment (ROI), and profitable revenues.

Engage with your Employees on a Deeper Level

As technology is evolving, the world is progressing toward remote work and task-based jobs. And because it’s a candidate-driven job market, talented individuals will only work for you if they feel appreciated, welcomed, and connected with the team.

Therefore, building profound relationships with your employees, no matter where they are, is extremely essential.

With CardClan, you can send love to your employees/business partners and boost your relationship with them. You can send greeting cards to your employees on various occasions, holidays, birthdays, etc., celebrate their successes and promotions, and shout out to them on product launches, company events, etc.

Your team members would want to get to know you, even if they’re living on the other side of the world. Sending digital notes to them is a great way to break the ice and collaborate with them without worrying about the distance.

Employers can also use this platform to bring a positive company culture, welcome diversity, and engage with employees working in every tier of the organization. It is an excellent tool for employers to boost their employees’ productivity, commitment to work, and job satisfaction.

And it’s a proven fact that employees who are contented with their jobs have a passion for reaching their highest potential and striving to achieve business goals and objectives.

Summing it Up

Technology is an inherent part of our lives. We tend to rely on tools to accomplish our goals and often forget to focus on human engagement.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve created a tool that emphasizes nurturing human connections and building bonds among communities.

Sign up today to build customized cards under 120 seconds and invite your whole clan to sign the card. Send digital cards to your loved ones in a single click and spread love, not germs.

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