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3 Ideas to Revamp your B2B and B2C Strategies

Building relations seems a simple enough task with the various social media and online platforms available to businesses worldwide. Many believe spending a few hours online each day is enough to attract a host of loyal customers and secure business deals. However, it’s not so simple since the competition is intense. To thrive, you need to establish strong B2B and B2C strategies to bring you out on top.

3 Killer Ways CardClan Can Help Upgrade Your B2B and B2C Strategies

CardClan is a tool that allows you to create custom digital greeting cards for cultural events and important holidays. It also has the power to redefine your B2B and B2C strategies. Let us show you how.

1.      Host Events

Hosting digital webinars and live stream events is a wonderful way to get engage with your customers and business partners all at once. On the one hand, it will allow you the opportunity to show your business partners and other major influencers how much you appreciate and respect them by inviting them to partake in the event you host.

On the other hand, you will connect with your audience a little more as they log on to follow your webinar. You could spice things up with a contest and giveaways at such events to entice people further.

Once you iron out your event’s details, you can use CardClan to send out engaging and creative custom digital cards by the dozen to customers and guests alike to invite them formally.

2.      Celebrate Milestones and Show Appreciation

Everyone loves a story. CardClans tools can create a unique card to celebrate massive achievements and milestones like a partnership announcement. You could also send a card on your company’s anniversary marking the year’s high and low points.

Celebrate Milestones with CardClan

This will add personality to your brand, and people will associate your company with something more humane as now it’s no longer simply a service or product provider. Instead, it represents a group of like-minded individuals working hard for what they value and believe in. Sending cards with thankful messages and shoutouts to the partners, vendors, companies, and customers that made your journey possible will only solidify their loyalty to you.

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3.      Who Doesn’t Love a Birthday Card?

We often talk about greeting cards and how helpful reaching out to people in times of national celebration can be. Greeting cards, celebrating festivals and holidays are a fantastic method to send out a personal message. However, you can take this idea and turn it up to eleven by zeroing in on an individual’s birthday.

 Schedule ahead with CardClan

Sending out a custom CardClan card with a special birthday wish to a specific person, be it an influencer, business partner, or customer, can go miles in fortifying your personal relations. Imagine being remembered by a company enough that they would go out of their way to send you a card. Wouldn’t you love that? Wouldn’t it make you think that this brand cares about the business you bring? Of course! That’s exactly why you should set up a few dozen inexpensive birthday cards ahead of time and schedule them to be shipped at a moment’s notice.


The variety of tools that CardClan has to offer to leave little to be desired. With so much opportunity to be as boldly creative in your interaction as you want, there’s no stopping the connection you can build using a simple digital card.

Start easy with an invitation and birthday cards. Next, expand your horizons and put together an event. After that, the sky’s the limit!


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