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3 Ways to Revitalize Relationship with your Remote Employees with CardClan

In the past year, we have seen major ups and downs for companies across the world. Businesses have had to reduce their workforce, enforce remote work, and some have even had to close their franchises altogether. Needless to say, remote employees everywhere have had a hard time coping with these difficult times. According to Gallup, only 36% of employees are engaged as of 2020. The rest feel impartial and can’t seem to approach their jobs with any passion.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas on how to revamp your relationship with your business’s remote workers and make them feel appreciated, included, and a valuable part of your team.

Let’s get started.

Struggling with Remote Employee Disengagement?

The pressure has risen so much that many employees struggle to muster any excitement and enthusiasm at work. A major part of that comes directly from being confined away from an office space’s regular, social working environment.

Unfortunately, disengagement isn’t a matter that can be ignored. Businesses directly benefit from a passionate and exuberant workforce, with profits going up by 22%.

So, how do you motivate your team? Do you offer bonuses or higher wages to entice them? We have a better solution for you. Nothing beats a human connection when it comes to motivating your team. We encourage employers to build a strong connection with their employees to boost their productivity, give them confidence, and encourage them to be efficient. 

CardClan to the Rescue

You can motivate your team of remote employees by building strong personal bonds with them. Take a moment to show them they aren’t forgotten simply because they work remotely. Employees need to feel that the team they work with appreciates them. That way, not only will you retain most employees, you’ll boost productivity in your whole clan.

The question arises once more, how?

Well, CardClan can help you take traditional greeting cards and give them a unique twist by allowing you to send out a customized card with a personal message for any event you want.

1.     Celebrate Holidays Together

CardClan has an extensive backlog of original templates you can choose from to create a card for pretty much any event.

Send a card to your remote employees on any event

There’s no more appropriate way to spread good cheer when celebrating Christmas, Easter, and other events than by including a well-wishing card in all your holiday festivities.

2.     Send Birthday Wishes

Everyone loves an unexpected birthday card. And what’s more unexpected than getting a custom digital greeting card from your entire team?

Collectively Signed Cards with CardClan

You can cement loyalty within your employees by taking the time to create a unique birthday card that your whole team can sign.

CardClan allows the ability to easily share a card draft with ten, twenty or, two hundred people. You can choose to share your card via social media, forwarding link, or email. Each person can then access the card to add a page, picture, text, and as much meaning and creativity as they want to make the card extra special. 

3.     Celebrate Personal Achievements

Studies show 69% of employees work harder if their efforts are being appreciated. That’s a pretty substantial amount; therefore, it goes without saying you can benefit by taking a moment to praise and appreciate all your employees’ hard work.

The biggest problem for most bosses is finding the courage to do so out loud. Fear not, CardClan has you covered here as well. Our image inventory offers a whole stock of photos that can be paired with any font you desire to prepare a glorious digital card, the likes of which will astound your employees.

Saying thanks has never been easier. Just write out your message and hit share to send it down to your hardworking clan.

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CardClan is a tool that allows endless creativity to its users. There are many ways you can use the tool to your advantage at an incredible price. It all inevitably comes down to this; improving employee relations means strengthening their resolve to work hard. 

All you have to do is make up your mind to send a card, and CardClan will help with the rest.

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