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Switching from Kudoboard Posters to Digital Cards with CardClan

In the world of digital greetings and online kudos, Kudoboard has made a name for itself. Notably, the Kudoboard poster feature, which allows users to print their digital boards, has been a highlight for many. But what if you are looking for a completely digital experience?

That’s where CardClan comes in as a compelling alternative to the Kudoboard poster.

The Kudoboard Poster: A Unique Feature

Kudoboard offers a unique feature: the ability to print your Kudoboard as a poster. This feature allows users to have a physical keepsake of the digital messages, photos, and videos shared on their board. However, the desire to have an entirely digital experience – one that is convenient, eco-friendly, and modern – has led users to seek alternatives.

Why Use Digital Cards Instead of Paper Posters?

In our increasingly digital world, the need for physical prints is diminishing. Digital alternatives offer several advantages: they’re easily shareable, eco-friendly, don’t require physical storage space, and are always just a click away. For those who want to keep their warm wishes and memories entirely online, a digital alternative Like CardClan might be just what they’re looking for.

CardClan: A Digital Alternative to Kudoboard Poster

Meet CardClan, a platform that allows you to create personalized digital cards, perfect for group greetings. You can choose from a wide variety of original templates or even design your own card from scratch using the integrated Canva tool or built-in card editor.

The beauty of CardClan lies in its focus on being entirely digital. It’s designed to create an online group greeting that can be easily shared and accessed anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about printing or storing a physical copy. With CardClan, your group’s well-wishes, photos, and messages are always at your fingertips.

Learn more about Why CardClan is the best group greetings platform.


While the Kudoboard poster offers a unique blend of digital and physical, the move towards a fully digital experience is undeniable. CardClan presents a compelling alternative for those seeking to create and share group greetings online, without the need for a physical keepsake. So next time you’re planning a group greeting, consider going fully digital with CardClan – the environment, and your storage space, will thank you.

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